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4 Roof Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid
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1. Using a Non-Customized Power Washer

While some pressure washers are made for light duty and release about 1300 PSI of water, the higher pressure can easily force shingles upward and cause them to bend or rip away from the roof completely. Another consideration is roof penetrations, such as skylights, vents, flashing etc., where high pressured water could compromise the sealants and enter the home. Water temperature is also a concern. If the temperature of the water is too hot, it could damage roofing components. Lastly, if the angle of both the spray directed at the roof and the deflection spray are not correct, serious roof damage can occur. Using a power washer on your home can degrade roofing materials at least three times faster than their life expectancy.


2. Not Using the Correct Cleaning Solution

Complaints of roof stains after a cleaning service is quite common. Some use improper cleaners to make the task easier, but this may lead to rusting and formation of moss. Usually, mild acid does the job of removing fungi on the roof. Moreover, it’s important to know what kind of acids or solutions the cleaning company will use.There are a wide variety of chemicals and compounds that can be used to kill mold and mildew. And, many of them contain strong chemical agents, like didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride. These chemicals can dry out the shingles and make them brittle and they can also cause the protective granules to release from the roof. Also, the chemicals can flow off the roof and kill the trees and plants on the ground.


3. Abrasive Scrubbing/ Cleaning too Harshly

To scrub roof shingles too aggressively is to run the risk of damaging the surface, compromising the protection they provide and ultimately accelerating their deterioration. Not only this, but an overly-intensive scrubbing action can also dislodge roof shingles, causing them to come loose or perhaps fall from their position entirely. Even if a company has all the right tools and knows all the proper treatments for your roof cleaning, if these methods are employed too aggressively, they are still going to quickly cause damage.


4. Using the Same Method for All Roof Types

Not all roofs are made same so it would make sense to assume that different roofs would require different cleaning methods. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all roof cleaning product or approach. With so many different types of roofs and a variety of common cleaning duties to carry out, there’s a near-endless range of products on the market for a reason. Choose the wrong product and while you might get rid of the moss, you could also cause serious damage to your roof.


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