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coatingRemediation and Coatings: If you have an existing roofing system that is rapidly approaching the end of its useful lifespan, we can apply products that will extend the longevity of your existing roof. Under some circumstances the owner of a property can maintain and secure their structure without investing in a new roofing system. If the basic structure is still sound, one of our recommended products can add years of life to the existing roof system. Many of these products can include a manufacturer’s warranty for up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Energy Conservation: Many of the coating systems we provide reduce direct costs pertaining to climate control. Many of these processes add considerable insulation values to your system and thereby increase the overall energy efficiency of your system. This is accomplished by changing the thermal reflectivity of your existing roof surface and or adding increased insulation (R value) to the roofing system. Contact us for a free evaluation and a custom specification designed for your roof.

Energy Star and Other Subsidies: We are licensed and equipped to assist you in obtaining significant subsidies in preserving and enhancing your building. This often provides third party participation in some of the costs involved in maintaining or upgrading your property.

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