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The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Decorating
9 Oct, 2019. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Tiffany Leffert

Holidays are approaching, and with holidays come a lot of decorations. There are certain ways you should and shouldn’t decorate the outside of your home. In this post we will talk about what could damage your roof during holiday decorating and how to take a better approach to it.

Never Decorate Alone / Have a Helper

Having someone there to help you decorate is important for your safety. Having a helper to hold the ladder and pass your supplies is a sure way to reduce risk while decorating. Even if you find yourself in an accident, you will have someone there to assist you and call for help if needed.

Prepare Everything Ahead of Time

Before getting the ladder out and climbing on your roof, you want to check all of your lights and make sure each strand and bulb are working. Before hanging your lights and decorations, be sure to to plan out where each strand of lights will go.

No Wobbly Ladders/Hard to Reach Areas

The CPSC says that 36 percent of holiday decorating injuries are the result of falls, half of which are falls from ladders. In fact, so many people have fallen off ladders while decorating that the CPSC posted guidelines on how to use one safely. To stay safe while holiday decorating, make sure to avoid hanging lights in difficult to reach areas.

Secure your ladder

Before you start climbing up to your roof to decorate, make sure your ladder is secured and sturdy! If you feel uncomfortable on the ladder or roof all together, consider getting help from a friend or professional.

NO Staples/Nails

Staples and nails can damage your roofing and siding by leaving holes which will later lead to water intrusion, resulting in costly damage. Not only will staples and nails damage your home, you could also damage the lights. One misfire can ruin an entire strand of lights.

Yes to Clips

Plastic clips will safely hold your lights to any surface. The are perfect for lining gutters, asphalt roofs and can give you more creative control over the lights you want to display. With the plastic clips, removing them is just as easy as putting them on, also without leaving any damage to your roofing system. We recommend putting the staple gun down, and buying some light clips.

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